The Russellville City Fire Department is a combination department consisting of 10 full-time and 21 allotted part-time firefighters. The department responds from one station which is centrally located in Russellville and is staffed 24/7 by three full-time crews. Full-time crews work a rotating schedule of 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty. In 2014, the department responded to 920 calls for service.


Mission Statement

Russellville City Fire Department provides services to support the local community according to standard operating guidelines, with fire protection and medical services, prevention and rescue services, in a manner which is courteous, timely, and cost efficient through the maximized use of training, assigned resources, and according to personnel availability.

The Russellville City Fire Department will provide Fire Protection, suppression, and medical response within the city limits of Russellville to the level of training which has been received by its members with the equipment provided, and according to standard operating guidelines and the availability of personnel.

The Russellville City Fire Department will provide a fire prevention program to the extent practical and to the best of our ability.

We will provide basic assistance and a rescue program comparable to the training and ability of our members and to the extent equipment provided allows.

We will assist the community in a manner required to the extent practical and feasible within the department’s standard operational guidelines.

We will assist neighboring fire departments with mutal aid to the extent the community protected by our department is not left in danger. Further, we will respond as automatic aid to other cities, churches, and government buildings within Logan County.

We will obtain the latest in training techniques and firefighting techniques to the best of our ability and within our budgetary and practical allowances.

We will be financially responsible with the money provided and the equipment owned by this department.

We will maintain a department this community can be proud of and strive to bring honor upon the Russellville City Fire Department and the community of Russellville, Kentucky.

Russellville City Fire Department & First Responders will strive to respond to all emergencies within our jurisdiction, and outside as requested, according to applicable laws, regulations, standard operating guidelines, and to the extent personnel members are available.